The rules of providing medical services

What is the procedure of medical services delivery in BIOKURS?

You have a possibility to pass necessary examinations as referred by your GP or take an advantage of our specialist advice by previous appointment.

Our doctor-coordinator at the reception will help you to choose the right specialist free of charge and recommends which examinations you need to pass.

Initial consultation of medical specialist enables the GP to assess the general state of health, listen to complaints, collect the history of the patient’s life and the disease, and refer him/her for the appropriate examinations to make the final diagnosis.

During the recurring consultation the doctor analyzes the results, makes the final diagnosis and recommends appropriate treatment.

If you need surgery, he/she gives recommendations for choosing a clinic, which offers professional surgical procedures.

How is the outpatient treatment organized in Your clinic?

The GP gives a patient a treatment regimen, which the latter observes at home. The patient regularly refers to the clinic for periodic monitoring and control examination as reminded by us, followed by a necessary correction and treatment quality control twice a month (if necessary, monitoring can be conducted more often).

Advantages of this treatment are that the patient is not distracted from his/her work and family, and saves on a stay in the hospital. The patient spends 1 hour each week for monitoring-tests and consultations at a convenient time and receives the necessary healthcare.