How to get ready for examination

Only fasting blood is accepted for the analysis
You should eliminate fat food the day before blood testig 
Before taking samples from uretra, vagina or cervix for PCR testing for infections you should  exclude sexual activity 3 days before the test  and not take antibiotics 2 weeks before it
You should indicate the first day of menstrual cycle, your weight, terms of pregnancy in case you are tested for reproduction hormones 
You should carefully clearn external sexual organs before urine sampling. You should collect only early morning urine in clean container (50 ml is enough). 
You should avoid sexual contacts minimum  3 days before sperm collection. It may be brought from home during one hour af after ejaculation maintainig the container close to your body temperature.
The better way to have USI  of internal organs - to come fasting or 3 hours after meal intake in order to eliminate intestinal gas generation, wich blocks ultrasound waves passage. You dont need to drink a lot of water  before gynecological or urological USI  - we use transvaginal (women) and transrectal (men) ultrasound probes for this matter.